Great CA$H for my house?

Oh yeah, I’m in!


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You’re here cuz you heard that I buy houses and condos for cash, right?

If you fit one of the below situations, you and I really need to have a talk, because I probably want to make you an offer on your property!

Yes, we will make fair cash offers on your houses and condos. The FASTEST & EASIEST way to sell your home!

Cash for house


No problem – I can get you money for your property in less than two weeks!

Stressed about money?

Tell me how much money you need ASAP and I’ll tell you what I can pay for your property.

Separating or Divorcing?

I’m sorry this is a difficult time for you. I might be able to help by buying your property and Closing ASAP so you and your ex can move on with your lives.

Crazy credit card debt?

Ya, I know how that is…. I can buy your property fast enough for you to pay off those debts and avoid legal consequences.

Moving far away?

Some employers and relocation companies just don’t help out enough or explain the timelines very well – don’t worry – I can buy your property just about as fast as you’d like!

Closing on your next home really soon?

This is becoming a bigger and bigger problem… rather than lose your deposit on your next home, or get sued in court, I can buy your property right there, right now.

Major repairs needed which you can’t get done yourself?

Don’t worry about them – I’ll buy your property “as-is”!

Destructive tenants?

Oy... Many landlords have experienced how difficult and destructive tenants can be. If you’re stuck in a tenant nightmare (or the aftermath of such a nightmare), I can pull you out of it. I’m happy to buy your property if it is severely damaged by tenants. Let me take a peak, and I’ll make you an offer.

Facing Bankruptcy or debt consolidation?

It’s all good. I can give you cash for your house within 15 days from now! Just call me to get the process started.

Have a dislike for Realtors?

Ya, me too! I’m nothing like them – I don’t prance around and ask to be paid a lot of money… I’ll take one look at your property and I’ll make you a CASH offer! Show me a real estate agent who will do that…

Vacant property?

No problem! We love vacant properties – they’re easier to deal with than trouble tenants… LOL!

Why work with me instead of putting your property on MLS?

  • You won’t have to tolerate dozens or hundreds of people coming through your house and touching your personal stuff.
  • You won’t have to deal with stupid Realtors.
  • Nobody is going to try and take advantage of you with Realtor mumbo-jumbo… my favourite story is an awful Realtor who told me that my property was worth $550,000. I listed it for sale with him, and it ended up selling for $387,000!
  • I’m a Real Estate investor, so if you’re ready to get paid quickly, I really want to start doing renos ASAP.

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