When I came across Marko’s website, I was really desperate because of credit card companies and collection agencies calling me all the time. I didn’t really think anything would happen because I knew I was about to loose my house.
When I filled out the form on Marko’s site, he called me back 15 minutes later and said he could meet me that day. He came over, took a quick look around and said he’d have an offer to me in a hour. 30 minutes later he sent me his offer!
It was for more than a thought it would be and he even brought me a bank draft he said my lawyer might want to see.
The next day I sent the offer to a lawyer who said it was legit and told me I could go ahead if I wanted. I got my money on the closing day and I have to say
Thank You Marko because I didn’t think I would get any money from my house.

– Luke B.

I saw cash4yourhouse and I thought it wus a scam. My boyfriend told me I shuld send a message just in case, and im glad I did. We had a offer like 3 hours later, and it was more than we thought wed get… and it covered are mortgages… and it put money in are pockets.
Im really happy we contacted this site cuz if we didn’t the bank wud taken are house and we’d get nothing.

– Tracie D.

I wouldn’t normally frequent a website like this one, but at the time I had exhausted all of my other options. When I called Marko, he answered right away and was a true professional. He was sensiteive to the fact that I was likely in financial difficulty, and did not lord that over me. Rather, he wanted to see how much money he could afford to offer me for my home.
Marko came by to take a look, and sent me a written offer with a bank draft the very next day! I had my lawyer take a look at it, and he said that is was 100% legal and appropriate.
He said that Marko had used industry standard offer documents prepared by the Ontario Real Estate Association.
Once I signed the offer, everything went exactly as Marko had promised, and I had my money in my bank account when the property sale closed.
Thanks Marko for being so honey, straightforward, and for not wasting my time.

– Eddy Von S.

Marko is tha man!
He did wut he said he wud do and that’s not common these days.
Im not sure why Marko payed this much for our house but we needed the money so Im glad he did.
If you need money now and you have a house than Marko can help you.
Just call him and he’ll show up to look at your house and make you a offer.

– Sammy D.

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